Week 1 Assignment 1 (sounds like an uncover mission)

It is interesting to see all types of blogs out there about instructional design. I think that this assignment took me a bit longer than I thought because of all the time spent looking back and forth at blogs. There are so many resources on the field of instructional design and this being my first blog ever, it has really opened my eyes to wanting to get to know what I can now learn from those not only in my class but also outside of it. One thing that all these blogs have in common is the emphasis is always taking your learning to the next level. I have included three blogs that I was able to learn most about.

First Blog: Do You Need An Instructional Design Degree?

I found this blog to be very interesting because I feel that we are all on this boat. We all recently made a choice to whether or not pursue our degree/certificates with Walden in Instructional Design. I am very green to this industry but I have always felt that in order to become more “marketable” in any industry a degree is the best way to back up any experience. I recently applied for a job but because I didn’t have the degree I was automatically disregarded, and the person who did get hired had the degree but no experience in the field. The author gives valid points to having and not having a degree. I feel that this blog is helpful because it is very easy to get flustered while getting our degrees but we have to know that it is worth it at the end.

Second Blog: What does an instructional designer do?

Christy Tucker (2007) states in her blog, “IDs know how people learn and have ideas on how to help them learn better.” This blog is a series of blogs that goes into depth of the different roles that an instructional designer can go into, what skills are necessary, and the career paths. I think that this is beneficial for all of us as we continue to make our way through the M.S. IDT we know what options are out there for us.

Third Blog: 30 Top Online Resources For Instructional Designers To Keep Up With

This blog shares the evolution of a role that an instructional designer in part of. In this blog I was able to discover even more blogs that have authors from the UK, one in particular called Information is Beautiful. This blog allows you to take a look into areas that someone like myself who is so new to this industry would never be aware of. After looking into Information is Beautiful more in depth I was able to see some visual learning PDF files and found them quite interesting. As I stated before in our discussion I am all about the visuals so this is something that I plan to incorporate when I can into my role as an instructional design.

What my three blogs have in common is my green mind to this industry in its early states really learning what this role really can be. There is now a overflow of information and introduction of possibilities of what I can do. I have always been very eager but now seeing that the blog world is something extraordinary in this industry.

One thought on “Week 1 Assignment 1 (sounds like an uncover mission)

  1. Glad you found my post helpful. I find it interesting that you picked three specific blog posts for this assignment. Usually when I see responses to this assignment students link to the whole blog instead of a single post. (And yes, I’ve seen a bunch of Walden students via my blog. I always know when the semester starts there because of the pingbacks and comments.) I wonder–was there something specific that made you interpret it this way rather than how I usually see these posts?

    Good luck with your continuing courses.

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