Connectivism…. Tell me about it


  • How has your network changed the way you learn?

As my networks change I am presented with different views and really get that social environment that is all too important to the constructivism learning theory. I am exposed to new ways of thinking and interpretations of ideas. I appreciate the thoughts of other and with that I am able to learn or be introduced to something that I perhaps would have never encountered before. 

  • Which digital tools best facilitate learning for you?

Digital tools are a big part of my learning experience. I bought an iPad 2 earlier this year and I have to say it was the best investment: the way that the iPad allows me to be able to organize schoolwork in a very convenient fashion. I am constantly looking for different application that will allow me to further my knowledge in any way. I have recently downloaded “Trapit” and I am obsessed. Trapit allow you to put different keywords of your interest and it will pull up gathered data and articles related to those keywords. The more keywords you look up the more the app itself has a better understanding of you and what you like so you will get a better end result of articles and findings. I also use Adobe Reader so I can add the resources from class on to the iPad and can do some reading when I get some spare time. But definitely the iPad is working for me because its organized and at this point I don’t see what I couldn’t possibly use it for.

  • How do you gain new knowledge when you have questions?

When it doubt I go to my trusty Google search engine. I enjoyed doing research in the time of questioning or not knowing where to go. I start off by asking Google the question itself and see what pops up or enter keywords itself and the rest just falls into place. I look at different sites for example blogs, organizations, networks, articles, and so on. I like to be able to see the different perspectives of each indiviuals and with that hopefully gain a better understanding of what I am questioning.

  •  In what ways does your personal learning network support or refute the central tenets of connectivism?

I think that the general concept of connectivism works in my favor personally. When watching the video by George Siemens he really points the benefits of its role, he said

“Our knowledge literally is distributed across other networks of human beings, technological devices, and other ends. That’s where connectivism starts to come into play. So that’s the application of the technology to aid and to extend that dimension as well.”

The exposure to personal learning is evident when you are able to intelligently speak of it to others and with that be able to acquire a point of view that might be new.


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