• What did you find surprising or striking as you furthered your knowledge about how people learn?

As silly as it sounds but the concept, as a whole of how people learn was very fascinating but at the same time very overwhelming. There are so many different styles and theories that explain and how and why people learn a certain way and now to really be able to break it all down was interesting. I find it surprising how these learning theories have really been documented way before the civilization of technology, since technology is a grand part of this course and degree. Knowing this now and how we need to be able to understand the concepts that come from the learning theories so that can then evolve to be able to tweak and adjust them according to help people learn even better.


  • How has this course deepened your understanding of your personal learning process?

Being a learner now for 25 plus years you get to know yourself and how you learn best: You know what works for you and what doesn’t. You know what you lean towards in using as tool and what you try to stay away, but until this class I can honestly say that I had never looked in what “type” of learner I am. I always said I was a visual learner but after this course I can consider myself more sophisticated and say I’m a behaviorist, constructive, and cognitive learner.  I now have a reason for the way I learn and how I focus my thoughts and make connections not only visually but also mentally. It great to have the help of those in this course to really probe my thought process in how I learn. I was able to look at whom I share a class with and in a sense compare to really understand why I do the things I do. I definitely have taken much more from this class then I ever thought. Now that I have a better understanding of myself I am sure I will have a better understanding of those around me.


  • What have you learned regarding the connection between learning theories, learning styles, educational technology, and motivation?

           I have learned that in this type of learning industry and all it involves there is always a crossover of information and how one might compliment the other. Most of all I now have an understanding of the motivation that lies beneath the theories and styles. For me motivation has played a factor because at the core of each learner you will find what their motivation for learning is and how you can spark it through the right type of tools and instruction you are able to give him/her based on their learning style they are most responsive too. The technology that is out there for education is something growing at a rapid pace, the tools available to learners to really be able to make a connection between what they know about themselves (in learning) and what can be done to improve. Technology has made the limitation on learning pretty much endless but at the same time it becomes overwhelming so once again keeping that motivation up is for me the number one priority in learning.


  • How will your learning in this course help you as you further your career in the field of instructional design?

           More than anything after this course I hope to really be an inspiring instructor in this field. Whether it is a classroom, training room, or providing inspiration for those via social media such as blog have done for me. I hope I am able to now engage with the learners I encounter in another level where I can understand them and provide the guidance and direction that they will most likely be grateful for and definitely receptive too. I know now the what type of tools that are available out there for the field of instructional design. Being able to really target my learners with motivation and positive reinforcement is something that I will always strive for. I am grateful for my classmates that have guided me through this class because I have so much to learn and that too will be something that will further my career one day in the field of instructional design.


Fitting the Pieces Together

  • How has your view on how you learn changed?

At the beginning of this course I was very excited to learn about the different theories because I know that this is beneficial not only for me but for all those learners that I will encounter in my future career. I have now learned that the concept of learning is way more complex than meets the eye, no pun intended. I really now understand the sacrifice that is made on the learning and instructor to be able to have the motivation and engagement to be more effective

  • What have you learned about the various learning theories and learning styles over the past weeks that can further explain your own personal learning preferences?

I have always struggled to be engaged in learning. So being at the other end of being the one who wants to instruct it makes me fully aware that I need to get myself straightened out in regards to learning material the right way. I have now understood and learned that by understanding what helps me and what doesn’t I am able to find better end result in tools to further my knowledge in this industry. I still consider myself a visual learning and I like to be able to be in a situation that will only allow further learning. Another thing that I have learned is the terminology used with categories for each type of learner, which is something that I have put a fight against.  But learning theories and styles have really put a positive spin to it all because it will only be of benefit to you. So I can now say that I am in a different state of opinion, I am on Stage 7 of this Acceptance and Hope.

  • What role does technology play in your learning (i.e., as a way to search for information, to record information, to create, etc.)?

More than ever the Internet and technology tools are playing a role in my learning. EDUC 6115 Learning Theories and Instruction has opened my eyes to the tools that are available to everyone in the Instructional Design industry and how it is a truly knit community of learners. They aren’t only guiding those in their everyday job but always creating blogs to be able to share all the information that have come across and are very caring to share with their colleagues. Technology definitely plays a huge role in being able to go to these blogs and articles that are invested in ID.